Leave a Legacy

What is a legacy?

A legacy is a gift to a charity, left in your will. It can be anything from an item such as a painting or piece of jewellery to a fixed sum of money. Often it can also be a percentage of whatever is left over once your family, friends, expenses and specific gifts have been taken care of.

Legacies are a lifeline for Knoxwood, they provide little (or occasionally large) windfalls that we can put towards special projects such as our wildlife hospital, refurbishing aviaries or even buying new equipment.

If you feel you wish to leave a gift to Knoxwood in your will, it will need to be done through a solicitor either when you make your will or as an amendment.

All you need to provide them with is our name, address and charity number and let them know what the gift is to be, and they will do the rest.

You do not have to tell us about it, but if you do, it means we can thank you in person!

Knoxwood Wildlife Rescue Trust, Registered Charity Number 1079659, Knoxwood, Thornby Moor, Wigton, Cumbria, CA7 0LA

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