Knoxwood is an independent wildlife rescue, rehabilitation & re-release facility in Cumbria, England. We are a registered charity in England (1079659). We specialise in the care of injured wildlife across a vast range of species and over our 35-year existence have successfully treated and released thousands of creatures from the common to the endangered.

This site is dedicated to showcasing how you can help raise funds for this special place, to see our work please check us out on facebook or our charity website.

This site was created by fantastic volunteers – thanks guys!

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Projects for Grant Giving Trusts & Companies

Knoxwood is a long-established sanctuary, we have 35 years of experience, everything we have we have fundraised for, so we value and respect what we have. If Knoxwood was not here, hundreds and thousands of wild lives would be lost as the rehabilitation and sanctuary we provide is unique. We have a long-term established team, as well as an army of volunteers that believe in what we do. We want to continue our work, and we intend to do so, but we really need a bit of help, we have less than 6 months emergency running costs saved in the bank and we have so much we need to do…

Check out our current projects below…

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How individuals can help Knoxwood

Here are lots of ways individuals can support Knoxwood, from donating and sponsored events to helping us for free every time you shop!

Check out the little projects section!

Local? Why not volunteer?

Volunteer vacancies – APPLICATION FORM We have the following voluntary (unpaid) vacancies at Knoxwood Wildlife Rescue Trust Fundraising Store Stock Assistant We are looking for enthusiastic assistants to be part of our stock sorting teams. Job description: To sort through donations of goods brought into our stores. This includes processing clothes, shoes and accessories, steaming, hanging … Continue reading Local? Why not volunteer?

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