We are Knoxwood

Knoxwood is an independent wildlife rescue, rehabilitation & re-release facility in Cumbria, England. We specialise in the care of injured wildlife across a vast range of species and over our 35-year existence have successfully treated and released thousands of creatures from the common to the endangered.

We have a 5-acre site, complete with purpose built wildlife hospital, rehabilitation enclosures, soft release facilities, ponds and have the full use and development of our beautiful 6 acre water meadow reserve for release and habitat creation. We take in wildlife from all over the UK, but our usual operational area is the whole of the north of England, from coast to coast, as far south as Rochdale and up into Southern Scotland. We provide advice via telephone, our website & Facebook to hundreds of individuals and other sanctuaries on injured wildlife.



Knoxwood has a small army of volunteers, both on site and in our fundraising stores, without them we could not function, Knoxwood also has a few paid staff, all of who are paid minimum wage and all of who work almost as many voluntary hours as paid ones, some even work far more. Even though over 435 unpaid hours EVERY WEEK go into running and fundraising for Knoxwood, we frequently are very short on staff. It is the main area that we need support, and our biggest outgoing



Knoxwood is completely independent, we raise our own funds through selling donated goods, recycling schemes, sponsored events, donations from our supporters etc. Every year we are taking in increasing numbers of birds and animals as other centres across the country are closing each year, with more to close in 2018. We are picking up this shortfall on the same funds and less staff hours and we now need some additional financial support for our work



We are long-established, we have 35 years of experience, everything we have we have fundraised for and worked for, so we value and respect what we have. If Knoxwood was not here, hundreds and thousands of wild lives would be lost as the rehabilitation and sanctuary we provide is unique. We have a long-term established team, as well as an army of volunteers that believe in what we do. We want to continue our work, and we intend to do so, but we really need a bit of help, we have less than 6 months emergency running costs saved in the bank and we have so much we need to do…