Sanctuary Hardware £1200

Aim: To purchase a new set of tools for use around the sanctuary, currently our volunteers have to share equipment and our tools are wearing out. We have quoted for high quality tools, as they take a lot of use and we have found that less high quality equipment breaks easily.

Timescale: Completion within 2 weeks of acquiring the necessary funding.

Cost breakdown:

4 x large wheelbarrows                 £83.95

4 x spades                                         £28.98

4x shovels                                         £28.36

4 x rakes                                            £22.20

4 x fan grass rakes                          £32.94

4 x forks                                            £47.59

4 x Sweeping Brushes                    £21.22

1 x shaving fork                               £36.99

Total cost: £1173.19

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