Rehabilitation Unit & Parrot Accommodation Phase 2 £60,000

This rise in popularity of exotic species, coupled with a general public lack of knowledge of the specialist care that exotic birds require has led to a dramatic growth in the number of these birds requiring rescue, rehabilitation and, sadly, in many cases long term sanctuary.  While Knoxwood is predominantly a wildlife facility, our expertise with avian species and our pragmatic approach to animal welfare has led to us meeting the need for the care of many parrots, parakeets and macaws.  Where possible we will rehome the bird, once rehabilitated, however, the long term destructive nature of inappropriate housing and care means many are not safe or suitable for rehoming, and we offer long term sanctuary to these birds.

This has had a knock on effect on our core objectives, specifically, we have used our purpose built wildlife rehabilitation unit now provides the accommodation for our temporary and long term parrot occupants.  The Wildlife rehabilitation unit is where healing or young wild animals, not yet ready to live outdoors are kept until they are large and fit enough to move to outdoor accommodation, and subsequent release.  This function is now taking place between our hospital facility and temporary accommodation.  While perfect for the rehabilitation of wildlife the facility does not provide specialist accommodation for the birds it houses.

We plan to build  a specialist facility for rehabilitation, and long term sanctuary of exotic birds, which will meet the needs of the birds that we are asked to rescue, allow effective rehabilitation where possible and appropriate long term housing for birds that are too damaged to return to a home environment.  This is turn will free up our wildlife rehabilitation unit and allow us to effectively prepare the wild animals in our care for a safe and successful return to nature.

Phase 1 – Project development / Planning Permission (completed)


Phase 2 -Construction of Parrot House Building

We are seeking funding for the construction of the parrot house building.  This includes the purchase of building materials and payment of a building contractor.  This work includes the internal structures that provide appropriate facilities to house the exotic birds in our care.  This will include facilities to introduce the birds to the unit, rehabilitate, and introduce the bird to a flock or companionship, and house flocks and companion groups.


Phase 3 Commission of Parrot House / Phase 4 Refitting & commission of Wildlife Rehabilitation Unit are separate upcoming projects.

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