Full Orphan Care Pack £1000

Aim: To purchase a specialist incubator unit for use in the wildlife hospital and supply with consumables for 1 year. These incubators maintain the temperature and humidity of orphaned wildlife and are invaluable in the treatment of starvation and exposure symptoms in adult creatures. The incubators can be used for all bird and land mammal species from the size of a vole up to a small goose.

Timescale: Completion within 2 weeks of acquiring the necessary funding.

Cost breakdown:

£671.85 1 x Brinsea Eco TLC 50 large incubator + delivery (www.brinsea.co.uk)

£21.78 1x Brinsea Filter Pack (www.brinsea.co.uk)

£45.48 12 x Conficlean Wipes (sphsupplies.co.uk)

206.88 4 x Boxes absorbent pads (sphsupplies.co.uk)

£24.60 Disposal Bags (sphsupplies.co.uk)

 Total Cost £970.59

If you would like to fund one of our orphan care packs we would love to hear from you!

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