Hospital Hardware £600

Aim: To purchase a new set of tools for the wildlife hospital. All our equipment is over 10 years old and it is becoming worn out.

Timescale: Completion within 2 weeks of acquiring the necessary funding.

Cost breakdown:

4 x 6” bandage scissors                                                              £6.54                         

4 x curved scissors                                                                       £1.40                         

10 X round nose tweezer for feeding                                     £3.40                           euro-medics

10 x fine ended tweezer for wound debridement               £4.10                          london-instruments

1 x heavy duty side cutters                                                        £12.48                       

1 x heavy duty bolt cutters                                                        £9.95                         

3 x heavy duty kitchen scissors                                                £6.59                         

1 x stainless nail clipper                                                              £6.99                         

1 x vet grade hair clippers                                                          £59.99                       

1 x pack sterile stainless stitch cutter blades                       £8.99                         

1 x set dental picks                                                                      £4.99                         

Instrument/storage trolley                                                        £367.08                    

Total cost:          £588.01

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