Everyday Expenses – Open Ended

If your grant making trust or company is happy to let us choose where to spend your gift, we can make sure it gets to wherever it is needed most! Below are a few examples of just how far your gift would go…

£50 would buy 2 sacks of specialist hedgehog food or 7 sacks of grain for our swans, it would buy a LOT of cleaning gear.

£100 would buy a surgical wing repair for an owl, or 2 huge boxes of fresh trout, it would buy 3 sacks of nuts or supply the hospital with padded bedding.

£500 would buy a months supply of chicken and meats for our predatory birds and animals, it would pay for hoof care for our rescue ponies for a year.

£750 would pay for a member of staff for a month or fresh fish for the otters for 6 months, it would pay our monthly utilities bill (all the washing and heating buildings is expensive)

£1000 would pay for over a months worth of top quality foodstuffs for the animals and birds

£2000 would buy 40 sheets of heavy duty wire for aviary repairs

£3000 would pay for a relief member of staff for 6 months in the summer, or our vet expenses

£5000 would cover our feed bills for 6 months!

If you would love to help out with our everyday expenses please contact us! 

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